Website, Web Design, Electronic Commerce

Nothing is truer than "image counts".

In order to fulfill the business objectives, websites offer both access to new markets and produce business opportunities as well as a way of communicating with business partners.

The creation of an identity through websites is a first step for the presence of the organization on the Internet. This can result in the lowering of the marketing costs connected to the distribution of information, the cost to bring them up-to-date, and the permanent access of clients to the information.

The way you interact with partners can be improved by including instruments of transmitting online orders, access to certain internal applications such as newsletters, surveys, forums or forms to contact the candidates.

FivePlus® has the necessary competences to offer you complete services:

  • consultancy to identify the appropriate solution, design, development, implementation, training
  • development of solutions for electronic commerce
  • sale of services on the web in conditions of Application Service Provider
  • design services: layouts, banners, adds, logos, image processing.

The technologies used in these solutions are: Java, JavaScript, HTML, XML, and XSLT. Dynamic storage of information is made in MySQL database.