E-business solutions: web portals for the Intranet and Internet, web applications on demand

The overwhelming raise of the volume of information, the administration from one single access point of public and private information, the integration with different internal applications, secured access to complex information of the company lead to the transposing of the presentation website into a Web Portal.

The Web Portal offers first of all a way of organizing documents and information exchange within a company, through the implementation of the following functionalities:

  • personalizing the graphic interface adapted to the client's image and strategy;
  • personalizing the content of the displayed image to the user, according to his role within the organization;
  • defining public areas with information access available to all members;
  • defining private areas, with information access to only some of the members (from a department, a working group);
  • implementing content management systems;
  • facilitating work with documents: save, archiving, find, history, version control, reports;
  • implementing virtual team room, discussion forums;
  • integrating communication systems within the portal: email, instant messaging;
  • integration with other company systems in the existing infrastructure;
  • single sign on in the portal.

The projected solutions are scalable, new functionalities can easily be added. The solutions implementation is made on scalable software platforms which have in view the development of the company, being able to add hardware resources according to the new coming necessities.