Solutions for small and medium companies

One of the main FivePlus® objectives refers to the development of IT solutions which can meet the needs of an organization to make the activities more efficient.

The necessity to reach performance in a growing competitive business environment, where information is the factor that sometimes decides the winner, as the knowledge and values of an organization are created and handled more and more in electronic format, the establishment of the competitive differences between organizations is based on the way in which a product or service is created, supplied and maintained.

The information and document management solutions support the working procedures and offer the organizations the possibility to work and obtain a solid and hierarchical situation, a monitoring of the internal processes and a centralized database in order to administrate the critical informational values.

The major benefit obtained through these solutions consist in the reduction to the minimum of the time used for tracking information and getting an integrated vision over the company data, fast communication with the personnel, practically, creating a working environment based on performance.

Having in mind the experience and the market demands, FivePlus® is getting involved in the designing and development of solutions that can cover a list of essential functionalities:

  • distribution and control of the send tasks
  • organizing and planning the personal / work-team activities
  • creating an IT environment to organize information coming from internal activities
  • administration of specific documents for the activity organization - standard documents, procedures, rules, work instructions, decisions - to finding information as easy and fast as possible
  • administration of specific documents for internal administration - job forms, audit reports, nonconformance reports
  • the control of the internal and administrative documents, also providing their workflow for approval - reports, requests
  • the administration of the information regarding partners, clients or those information coming from the relation with them - offer requests, internal documents, offers, addresses, other documents specific to collaboration with them
  • track of contracts and the forecasting cashes/payments, having an efficient control over them
  • track of some documents/information or bases of some discussions available to restricted working groups
  • evidence of the personnel, including relevant details that can help the Human Resources department be closer to the personnel
  • access to information (mail, internal documents) from different location, through the Internet, in maximum security conditions
  • electronic archiving of the documents