IBM Advanced Business Partner

IBM develops and manufacture the most advanced information technologies, including computer systems, software, storage systems and microelectronics.
IBM translates these advanced technologies in products and solutions that bring value to the companies that own them.

As an IBM Advanced Business Partner we hold and have continuous access to the relevant IBM Passport Advantage program-related information and accordingly we can make an assessment of your licensing-needs and suggest you the most appropriate licensing structure for the purpose of saving time and costs.

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Lotus Software

Security-rich software that enables businesses to communicate, collaborate and increase productivity.

DB2 Software

Information Management software that integrates data and enterprise content to leverage information on demand.

Tivoli Software

Manage the infrastructure, operations and IT processes, to more effectively deliver services aligned to business goals.

Websphere Software

Integration and application infrastructure software.



Equipments designed for maximum performance and flexibility.


High performance equipements, optimized for diffrent business needs.

Storage solutions

High capacity back-up and repository solutions.

Lotus Software

Lotus Domino

Server for messaging, collaboration and databases.

Lotus Notes

Fat Client software for email, planning and collaboration, accesing tool for databases and applications.

Lotus iNotes

Web Client software for email, planning and collaboration, accesing tool for databases and applications.

Lotus Web Conferencing and Instant Messaging (Sametime)

Instant messaging and web conferencing solution.

Lotus Team Workplace (QuickPlace)

Web-based team rooms.

Lotus Everyplace

Web interface to access domino services for PDA users.

Lotus WorkFlow

Workflow management.

Lotus LearningSpace

Web-based learning sollutions.

Lotus SmartSuite

Office application suite.

DB2 Software

Universal Database

Relational databases.


Software for data repository, analisys and reposts, web content delivery, information distribution.

Content Management

Solutions for on-demand critical information access, management and integration.

Olap Server

Software for quick, intuitive, multidimensional analisys.

Intelligent Miner

Solutions for extract and analyse the informations.

Tivoli Software

Directory Server

Intranet and Internet users catalogue.

Identity Manager

Management of users, permisions and access rights.

Risk Manager

Security events management.

Storage Area Network Manager

SAN structure management.

Storage Manager

Sollution for the safety of the organization data.

Storage Resource Manager

Inteligent console for storage infrastructure administration.

Enterprise Console

Console for centraslising, analysing and resolving reports, alerts and incidents.


Monitoring of the esential system resources.


TCP/IP network monitorisation.

Web Site Analyzer

Tool for website statistic analysis.

Configuration Manager

Centralised instaling and configuring solution for network software .

Remote Control

Remote administration of work stations and servers.

Websphere Software

WebSphere Application Server

Transaction engine for dinamic e-business applications.

WebSphere Studio

Tools for quick development of web applications.

WebSphere Portal

Complete software for web portals development.

WebSphere Voice

Vocal interface to access information.

WebSphere Commerce

Sollution for comercial channel management.

WebSphere Business Integration

Integrates data, applications, processes and persons.

WebSphere MQ

Applications integration and comunication.


IBM IntelliStation M Pro

Equipments based on a powerfull and flexible system, able to resolve the most exigent sollutions.

IBM IntelliStation Z Pro

Most powerfull work stations for windows applications, designed for extreme performance.


Rack-optimized servers

High performance in the smallest format. Ideal for ISP/ASP.

Universal servers

Optimised to respond to diffrent business requests.

Storage solutions

Storage solutions

High capacity back-up and storage solutions at low costs.